Thursday, September 3, 2009

{Sam + Danielle}

This hot little couple is getting married in October! I've been fortunate enough to know them for awhile, watch them date, witness Sam's proposal and now on to the wedding! Big thanks to the kind officer of the parking garage who waited until we were done to very gently tell us it's private property and we "aren't supposed to shoot there". Whoops...


  1. I love these - you are talented missy!!!

  2. You are AWESOME!!!!
    Next time.....less kissy face!!!!! :)

  3. Danielle: Beautifully done! i must say that is the most fun i've ever had in front of a camera.we went through some (almost) dangerous and sketchy areas, and it turned out amazingly. i can't wait for the next shoot! :D

  4. Keri, I keep you on my google reader and look forward to EVERTYTHING you put up here - i especially love the 5th, where he's leaning in to kiss her! Thanks for portraits that really seem to capture the love, rather than the posed smiles so many show. You're doing great and I just wanted to tell you!