Saturday, September 26, 2009

{Kayden Lane}

On my way to dinner with my hubby to celebrate our 1st anniversary, I got a call that L's water had broken and she was having some contractions. Typically, first time mom's aren't really known for going quickly. I figured I'd be called sometime during the night or the next morning. 
Towards the end of dinner I called her midwife to get an update. She was at 4cm. As soon as we got home her midwife called and said "Come now. She's pushing" I changed from dress to jeans in record time and flew out the door. Man, do I have such a great husband who is so flexible and supportive of me leaving at the drop of a hat (on our anniversary, nonetheless!)! I live about 20 minutes away, and by the time I got there little Kayden had already made her way out. L went from 4cm to complete and pushing in about an hour and a half! (Jesus? Did you see that? I'll take one of those....just sayin'...) So, this marks my first birth to ever have missed, but I am so proud of L and her hubby for making it through! Oh, and did I mention that Kayden surprised us all by coming 15 days early? Teeny tiny baby girl came out wide awake and a whopping 5lbs and 14oz. 

{she had a paparazzi team waiting for her}


  1. I think anyone would love to have that birth! Great shots.

  2. I'm so proud of L!!!!! What a supernatural birth!

  3. What a great birth! She's beautiful, too.