Saturday, September 26, 2009

{Kayden Lane}

On my way to dinner with my hubby to celebrate our 1st anniversary, I got a call that L's water had broken and she was having some contractions. Typically, first time mom's aren't really known for going quickly. I figured I'd be called sometime during the night or the next morning. 
Towards the end of dinner I called her midwife to get an update. She was at 4cm. As soon as we got home her midwife called and said "Come now. She's pushing" I changed from dress to jeans in record time and flew out the door. Man, do I have such a great husband who is so flexible and supportive of me leaving at the drop of a hat (on our anniversary, nonetheless!)! I live about 20 minutes away, and by the time I got there little Kayden had already made her way out. L went from 4cm to complete and pushing in about an hour and a half! (Jesus? Did you see that? I'll take one of those....just sayin'...) So, this marks my first birth to ever have missed, but I am so proud of L and her hubby for making it through! Oh, and did I mention that Kayden surprised us all by coming 15 days early? Teeny tiny baby girl came out wide awake and a whopping 5lbs and 14oz. 

{she had a paparazzi team waiting for her}

Friday, September 25, 2009

I so enjoyed watching this momma's support team. They were awesome. She worked her booty off and did fantastic! With everyone crammed in the bathroom, at one point I was actually in their stand up shower taking photos through the glass! Welcome baby Cale! It's about time I had a little boy on this blog! 


Welcome to the world baby Carlie! One of the most bright eyed, fresh-from-the-womb little girl's I've seen!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remember this momma?

Well she sure makes cute babies! Baby Bridget made her way into the world on her due date: Labor Day! The first go around for these photos we had a fussy baby, so we tried, tried again the next day and she cooperated beautifully! She is SO cute!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My New Nephew: Josiah Daniel Duckett

My sister in law (hubby's brother's wife) has been waddling around overdue just waaaiiiting for this cute little boy to make his debut! When it started raining and storming yesterday, we just knew that would evacuate his bottom outta' there! And it worked! She had a GREAT birth at the birthing center and I spent my morning stealing newborn kisses in between shutter snaps. He's just scrumptious. Don't you agree?