Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Intentions

There are some of you who have found your way to my blog site from a referral. For this, I am so grateful and hope you enjoy what you see. However, I feel that there is an issue that must be addressed. My photography business has been built on passion. Am I trying to make a living off it? Absolutely. But trace it back to the beginning and you'll find passion. There are photographers that I work and socialize with in the area that I am positive feel the same way. 

Recently I've learned  that a client of mine is very upset with the service she received from one of my fellow birth photographers, Lynsey Stone. I say "fellow", but in all reality she has been doing this much longer than me, is more experienced than me and I would almost consider her more of a mentor than a peer. The reasons for the upset are none of my business and I intend to keep it that way, but because I have been referred in place of her, I feel the need to diffuse any spirit of competitiveness and state my intentions. 

By all means, if a client is upset or feels they have been wronged I encourage respectful and honest communication and would hope that things could be worked out in a calm and decent manner. In my experience, Lynsey is an honest wife, mother and photographer who is very talented and has worked hard to build one of the most successful businesses as a birth photographer in the DFW area. While my personal experiences with this client have all been positive as well, I will not be involved in or support any conflict that does not directly involve me. 

Again, thank you for visiting my blog and I appreciate your time in reading this. 

Keri Duckett

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  1. Thank you for being a person of character and integrity. This post shows what kind of person you really and for that everyone who has a photo need in the area of birth photography should use you. Character and integrity mixed with much talent is worth more than you could ever charge. Talk with you soon